Foxtrot Beacons

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All Species : 126 Beacons

PetId Species Gen Age Gender Major Traits Teleport
Turtle Tots 18 0 Female Large, Fernly Lemon Wines/65/190/30/
Butters 50 70 Female Standard, Dragonfly, Bird of Paradise Breedables/40/94/22/
Green Garden 8 264 Female Miniature, Pumpkin Bat, Green Delirium Breedables/3/184/23/
Bluegrass Chickens 12 93 Hen Pixie, Classic Lush Quilted Delirium Breedables/2/184/23/
Highland Horse 3 Stallion Standard, Horse, Zebra Northern Pines/58/163/20/
Turtle Tots 2 Female Teacup, White Delirium Breedables/1/186/23/
Rooks 20 Female Small, Aquarius Serena Rosewood/167/189/1001/
Turtle Tots 9 Female Teacup, Bones Black Foxtrot II/40/251/21/
Turtle Tots 2 42 Female Teacup, LE Halloween 2023 Moka/219/154/20/
Equine 2 Stallion Thoroughbred, Quilted Grey, Mahogany, Blue, Jet Short, Standing Delirium Breedables/3/184/23/
Rooks 2 208 Female Teacup, LE Spring 2023 Foxtrot/134/162/20/
Green Garden 23 124 Male Dwarf, Peppermint Rose, Orange Mistwalker Island/121/174/3000/
Green Garden 23 124 Female Dwarf, Peppermint Rose, Orange Mistwalker Island/123/174/3000/
Butters 53 Female Teacup, Dragonfly, Rose Garden Day Breedables/56/97/23/
Butters 68 Female Standard, Dragonfly, Laceweight Yellow Breedables/56/94/22/
Turtle Tots 6 28 Male Pixie, LE Thankful 2023 MOONLIGHT DREAMZ/155/85/3351/
Green Garden 19 46 Male Tropical, Poinsettia, Blue - Red - Yellow MOONLIGHT DREAMZ/145/90/3351/
Green Garden 6 46 Male Miniature, Citrine, Red MOONLIGHT DREAMZ/154/93/3351/
Turtle Tots 2 Female Standard, Smudge Blue BaDa Bing Estates/141/169/500/
Wonky Donkeys 23 81 Jenny Mule, Donkalope, Tobiano Pewter Serena Rosewood/146/144/1001/
Alpaca 15 Female Medium, Astrid Night Serena Rosewood/167/172/1001/
Wonky Donkeys 23 Jenny Mule, Donkalope, Tobiano Pewter Serena Rosewood/175/145/1001/
Rooks 4 Male Teacup, Neelam Serena Rosewood/167/187/1001/
Rooks 20 Male Medium, Pisces Serena Rosewood/167/182/1001/
Rooks 22 Female Small, Japanese Maple White Serena Rosewood/167/179/1001/
Wonky Donkeys 60 Jenny Miniature, Donkalope, Zonkey Rose Garden Day Serena Rosewood/167/160/1001/
Wonky Donkeys 59 Jack Standard, Donkalope, Mystic Crescent Moon Serena Rosewood/167/158/1001/
Funny Ferrets 32 Female Giant, Gemini Serena Rosewood/168/196/1001/
Turtle Tots 11 1 Female Teacup, Daisy Yellow Wines/93/216/31/
Green Garden 5 8 Male Miniature, Tall Sea Kelp, Red 13 Moons/84/242/32/
Wonky Donkeys 16 Jenny Mule, Donkalope, Zebra Purple Delirium Breedables/5/184/24/
Turtle Tots 8 39 Male Teacup, Astrid Red Wines/87/216/31/
Turtle Tots 8 1 Male Teacup, Split Shell Blue Wines/90/216/31/
Equine 7 63 Stallion Thoroughbred, Quilted Silver, Pale Grey, Mossy, Pale Grey Long, Standing Delirium Breedables/7/185/22/
Wonky Donkeys 25 48 Jack Mule, Donkalope, Heart Attack Pink BaDa Bing Estates/121/160/499/
Turtle Tots 9 1 Female Teacup, Daisy Purple Wines/103/194/30/
Turtle Tots 15 23 Male XLarge, LE Thankful 2023 Breedables/50/87/22/
Butters 51 36 Female Colossal, Dragonfly, Bird of Paradise Breedables/40/94/22/
Equine 17 40 Stallion Thoroughbred, Quilted Teal, Celtic Pewter, Emerald, Liver, Mottled Teal, Look Left Breedables/26/99/22/
Equine 25 21 Stallion Thoroughbred, Thankful 2023, LE Thankful 2023, LE Thankful 2023, LE Thankful 2023, Look Left Breedables/28/99/22/
Equine 23 27 Mare Thoroughbred, Thankful 2023, LE Thankful 2023, LE Thankful 2023, LE Thankful 2023, Look Left Breedables/29/99/22/
Turtle Tots 16 12 Male XLarge, Stars Green Wines/96/181/29/
Turtle Tots 16 22 Male Teacup, Elemental Red Wines/93/185/30/
Turtle Tots 16 12 Male Pixie, Elemental Purple Wines/93/185/30/
Turtle Tots 16 3 Male Pixie, Elemental Purple Wines/92/185/30/
Turtle Tots 16 21 Male Pixie, Seashell Green Wines/96/185/30/
Equine 5 Mare Thoroughbred, Quilted Chocolate, Pale Grey, Green, Mahogany Long, Standing Delirium Breedables/1/185/23/
Turtle Tots 5 Female Standard, Rainbow Red Delirium Breedables/1/186/23/
Equine 2 Mare Thoroughbred, Quilted Liver, Liver, Liver, Mahogany Short, Standing Foxtrot/64/111/23/
Green Garden 22 48 Female Dwarf, Hellebore, Teal Foxtrot/130/99/20/
Turtle Tots 8 19 Male Large, LE Thankful 2023 Foxtrot/8/164/21/
Equine 11 Mare Thoroughbred, Quilted Teal, Aries, Zodiac, Liver, Strawberry Short, Look Left Foxtrot/134/163/20/
Equine 13 67 Mare Thoroughbred, Linen Orange, Tobiano Purple, Liver, Curly Ebony Long, Standing Foxtrot/136/165/20/
Green Garden 30 Female Dwarf, Lupine, Red Foxtrot/127/101/21/
Funny Ferrets 6 60 Female Miniature, LE Spring 2022 Foxtrot/35/154/21/
Funny Ferrets 6 62 Male Teacup, LE Cinco de Mayo 2022 Foxtrot/37/153/21/
Shetland Sheep 7 67 Ewe Miniature, LE Lucky 2022 Foxtrot/36/154/21/
Green Garden 22 48 Male Dwarf, Hellebore, Blue Foxtrot/132/99/20/
Equine 5 Mare Thoroughbred, Birthday 2023, LE Birthday 2023, LE Birthday 2023, LE Birthday 2023, Standing Foxtrot/131/160/20/
Alpaca 3 154 Female Gigantic, LE Spring 2023 Foxtrot/130/170/21/
Equine 15 6 Mare Thoroughbred, Linen Orange, 2 of Diamonds, Emerald, Rainy Day, Strawberry Short, Look Left Foxtrot II/34/239/20/
Turtle Tots 3 Male XLarge, LE Birthday 2023 Foxtrot II/41/251/20/
Bun-E 28 15 Doe Giant, Skvotter, LE Thankful 2023 Foxtrot II/201/211/23/
Equine 15 6 Stallion Thoroughbred, Linen Orange, Pink, Purple, Strawberry Short, Standing Foxtrot II/43/236/20/
Butters 37 Female Medium, Dragonfly, Laceweight Blue Breedables/56/93/23/
Butters 1 118 Male Standard, Monarch, LE Forrest Breedables/52/103/23/
Butters 1 97 Male Colossal, Common, LE Witch's Garden Breedables/51/103/23/
Butters 1 116 Female Standard, Common, LE Dark Moss Breedables/53/103/23/
Butters 1 97 Female Colossal, Common, LE Witch's Garden Breedables/50/103/23/
Butters 52 Male Large, Dragonfly, Rose Garden Day Breedables/56/97/22/
Bun-E 21 266 Doe Giant, Skvader, LE St. Patrick's 2023 Breedables/45/101/22/
Butters 51 Male Medium, Dragonfly, Rose Garden Day Breedables/56/99/22/
Butters 37 Female Teacup, Dragonfly, Laceweight Blue Breedables/56/94/23/
Butters 52 Female Medium, Dragonfly, Rose Garden Day Breedables/56/95/22/
Butters 39 Female Large, Dragonfly, Laceweight Purple Breedables/56/92/23/
Turtle Tots 4 Male Standard, Mottled Teal 13 Moons/146/67/25/
Bluegrass Chickens 2 660 Rooster Popcorn, LE 4th of July Celebration 2021 Luminaville/152/1/23/
Funny Ferrets 2 805 Female Standard, LE Birthday 2021 Luminaville/153/1/23/
Highland Horse 9 245 Stallion Pony, Horse, LE Spring 2023 Luminaville/158/8/21/
Bun-E 3 218 Doe Chonk, Bunny, LE Mother's Day 2023 Luminaville/150/1/24/
Highland Horse 28 Mare Standard, Unicorn, LE Valentine 2023 Luminaville/155/1/23/
Butters 2 184 Female Large, Moth, LE Cinco de Mayo 2022 - Moth Luminaville/156/1/23/
Bun-E 3 218 Buck Standard, Bunny, LE Mother's Day 2023 Luminaville/151/1/23/
Funny Ferrets 2 240 Female Chonk, LE 4th of July Celebration 2021 Luminaville/152/1/23/
Turtle Tots 14 13 Female Large, Split Shell Pink Wines/63/191/30/
Turtle Tots 13 15 Female Teacup, Daisy Teal Wines/103/194/30/
Turtle Tots 15 28 Male Pixie, Merturtle White Wines/62/192/30/
Turtle Tots 15 6 Male Teacup, Astrid Orange Wines/62/189/30/
Turtle Tots 15 15 Male Teacup, Cloudy Teal Wines/64/192/30/
Shetland Sheep 11 2 Ram Teacup, Bumbleep Yellow Horn Wines/50/211/29/
Turtle Tots 14 10 Male Pixie, Cloudy Orange Wines/64/189/30/
Bluegrass Chickens 6 Rooster Nugget, Classic Beta Ray Blue Mistwalker Island/138/171/3000/
Green Garden 16 121 Female Dwarf, Agave, Pink - Purple - Red Mistwalker Island/129/163/3000/
Shetland Sheep 11 37 Ram Teacup, Bumbleep White Horn Mistwalker Island/144/155/3002/
Shetland Sheep 12 26 Ram Small, Black Peep Mistwalker Island/144/157/3002/
Turtle Tots 12 26 Male Large, Leafy Pink Mistwalker Island/138/156/3000/
Turtle Tots 12 26 Female Standard, Daisy Black Mistwalker Island/138/155/3000/
Bluegrass Chickens 5 Rooster Large, Lemon Wing Mistwalker Island/138/178/3000/
Bun-E 2 Buck Standard, Bunny, Raspberry Ripple Waffle Sprinkles Wandering Meadows/122/68/3528/
Equine 14 35 Stallion Thoroughbred, Quilted Red, Aquarius , Speckled Snow, Mottled Orange, Curly Champagne Short, Look Left BaDa Bing Estates/87/165/503/
Equine 14 27 Mare Thoroughbred, Quilted Strawberry, Aries, Tobiano Lemon, Sea Foam, Zodiac, Standing BaDa Bing Estates/82/160/503/
Alpaca 28 32 Male Gigantic, Fleur Spring BaDa Bing Estates/150/130/499/
Rooks 3 Female Teacup, Silverbolt BaDa Bing Estates/134/172/499/
Bluegrass Chickens 3 47 Rooster Large, Slate BaDa Bing Estates/126/168/499/
Equine 15 23 Stallion Thoroughbred, Quilted Strawberry, Aquarius , Tobiano Pale Grey, Zodiac, Curly Champagne Short, Look Left BaDa Bing Estates/97/139/503/
Equine 15 27 Stallion Thoroughbred, Linen Orange, 4 of Spades, Emerald, Bright Blue, Strawberry Short, Look Left BaDa Bing Estates/73/151/503/
Wonky Donkeys 60 39 Jenny Standard, Donkalope, Space Green BaDa Bing Estates/119/157/499/
Equine 14 40 Mare Thoroughbred, Tufted Ash, Pink, Zodiac, Strawberry Short, Look Left BaDa Bing Estates/76/154/503/
Equine 14 40 Stallion Thoroughbred, Linen Orange, Emerald, Rainy Day, Strawberry Short, Standing BaDa Bing Estates/75/153/503/
Equine 15 23 Stallion Thoroughbred, Tufted Cream, Appaloosa Mahogany, Petunia, Curly Champagne Short, Look Left BaDa Bing Estates/96/134/503/
Equine 2 32 Mare Thoroughbred, Haunted 2023, Jet, Liver, Grey Short, Standing BaDa Bing Estates/86/163/503/
Turtle Tots 1 106 Female Standard, LE Maui Relief 2023 BaDa Bing Estates/144/167/499/
Alpaca 28 47 Male Large, Fleur Black BaDa Bing Estates/151/127/499/
Bun-E 23 32 Doe Standard, Skvader, Bubbles BaDa Bing Estates/150/145/499/
Equine 14 23 Mare Thoroughbred, Quilted Strawberry, 2 of Spades, Large Spot Chestnut, Zodiac, Strawberry Short, Standing BaDa Bing Estates/74/144/503/
Equine 15 27 Mare Thoroughbred, Quilted Strawberry, Pisces, Appaloosa Jet, Zodiac, Strawberry Short, Look Left BaDa Bing Estates/68/147/503/
Equine 15 27 Mare Thoroughbred, Quilted Rosey, 2 of Clubs, Speckled Ash, Zodiac, Curly Ebony Short, Standing BaDa Bing Estates/74/152/503/
Bluegrass Chickens 2 78 Hen Popcorn, Classic Valentine BaDa Bing Estates/127/167/499/
Alpaca 28 47 Male Large, Mystical Air BaDa Bing Estates/151/129/499/
Equine 2 34 Stallion Thoroughbred, Toxic 2023, Cream, Mahogany, Strawberry Long, Standing BaDa Bing Estates/74/148/503/
Wonky Donkeys 41 26 Jack Miniature, Donkalope, Ivy Black BaDa Bing Estates/116/155/499/
Equine 15 23 Mare Thoroughbred, Tufted Cream, Aquarius , Speckled Snow, Zodiac, Strawberry Short, Look Left BaDa Bing Estates/70/146/503/
Equine 13 49 Mare Thoroughbred, Quilted Red, Large Spot Chestnut, Tan, Zodiac, Look Left BaDa Bing Estates/80/158/503/
Bun-E 26 32 Doe Miniature, Skvotter, Snowtip Pewter BaDa Bing Estates/150/143/499/
Highland Horse 15 48 Mare Pocket Pony, Horse, Magic Midnight BaDa Bing Estates/150/156/499/
Shetland Sheep 5 Ram Miniature, Scorpio BaDa Bing Estates/151/135/499/